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Skilled Nurses

  • Highly skilled, trained nurses
  • Full-time or contract nurses
  • Professional and competent patient care
  • HMO assessment services to medicate members
Our Solutions
  • Medicaid & Medicare Assessments
  • Licensed Vocational Nurses - LVN's
  • Registered Nurses - RN's
  • Infusion Services
  • Private Duty Nurses
  • Services through licensed partners
Our Partners
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Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana
Per Diem & Contract (3-12 weeks)
  • Mpulse has become a HUB Partner/Vendor with the Texas A&M University System and its affiliated Agencies in Texas
  • Mpulse has engaged with Xerox as a Global Partner and has become a Reseller of Xerox hardware and software printing solutions
  • Mpulse has become a HUB Partner/Vendor with the Texas Tech University System in Lubbock Texas
  • Mpulse has Partnered with Microsoft and has become a Reseller of Microsoft hardware and software solutions
  • Mpulse has become a Re-seller Partner with Snow Software providing their (SAM) Software Asset Management solutions.

I cannot express how much appreciation I have for the Mpulse organization for linking me with exceptional projects and exemplary organizations. Considering my skill set and career experience they are eager to represent me as an asset to their clients. The hiring process with Mpulse was a pleasant experience, after having dealt with so much disorganization with past consulting companies. I would definitely recommend Mpulse as an excellent consulting firm to all of my associates.

T.C. Budd