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Java WebSphere Developer

Austin Texas
5 moths
Job Summary


The client developed a new business model with associated business processes for the HHS agencies to support procurement and contract management functions.  HHS Enterprise IT is developing a new contract management and oversight application in accordance with the newly elicited requirements.  The goal of the new application is to meet the following objectives:

  • Support the new business process model for Contract Management and Oversight functions across HHS agencies
  • Provide functional oversight and visibility in the contract management lifecycle functions and be able to track and monitor contracts with robust reporting capabilities
  • Create automated workflow functionality throughout the contract management lifecycle
  • Get all of contract data into the proposed system with data integrity and accuracy
  • Must be tightly integrated with CAPPS 9.2 Financials where the contract is developed and executed
  • Must be able to monitor and escalate contracts using risk assessment criteria and dollar thresholds
  • Must be scalable to add new modules as required by business areas

The worker is expected to develop a solution to meet the above goals and objectives using Java technologies, Oracle backend and WebSphere application platform.  The worker will also be responsible developing technical specifications, design documents, coding, and testing.

The Worker will need to perform the following tasks and assignments:

  • Perform custom application development, testing and deployment for a web based custom application integrated with other agency system
  • Deploy and configure with WebSphere application servers hosted on data center platforms and version control system environments
  • Create and maintain technical documentation of custom software projects
  • Demonstrate strong understanding of user interface design, browser compatibility, accessibility/usability standards, industry best practices and conventions
  • Possess design experience and functional knowledge of the utilization of various web services standards (e.g. REST, SOAP, etc.); design patterns (e.g. MVC), design methodologies (e.g. AgileScrum, etc.) and modern software development paradigms like object oriented programming (OOP)
  • Translate documented business requirements into technical specifications and have the ability to breakdown into tasks with estimates
  • Possess experience working in Agile SCRUM/Sprint environment with detailed level tasks
  • Performs other duties as assigned




Required Skills/Experience:

Years                     Skills/Experience


7                             Hands-on programming experience in the following languages and environments: Java, J2EE, EJB (Enterprise Java Beans), JSP (Java Server Pages), JSF/Struts (Java Server Faces, Apache Struts                                        Framework) and MVC frameworks, XML, Portals, JavaScript, AJAX, DOJO, Web Services, Spring, Hibernate and Oracle.

7                             Experience in working the full Software Development Life Cycle in an Object Oriented framework with agile development practices.

7                             In-depth understanding and knowledge of WebSphere/J2EE architecture, WebSphere Portal Architecture, OOD (Object-Oriented Design / Development), and J2EE integration points with other agency                                systems.

7                             Experience in working with SCRUM and Sprint environment in a fast paced development environment.

7                             Experience in using various web services standards (e.g. REST, SOAP, etc.); design patterns

7                             Experience implementing highly complex security requirements

7                             Experience in designing, developing and implementing test plans, test cases, test scenarios and test reports, processes for web applications from Software Requirements Specification Documentation                                  and other specification documents.

7                             Experience with database query tools such as Oracle PL/SQL

7                             Experience in functional, integration, performance, security, regression testing

5                             Experience utilizing a source version control system (e.g. CVS, Subversion, GIT, etc.)

5                             Experience and knowledgeable in use test automation tools, particularly HP UFT, HP ALM.

5                             Experience working on enterprise level conversion/upgrade Java projects


Strong                     Highly self-motivated and directed with the ability to effectively multitask, prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment while providing timely project/task updates

Strong                     Demonstrate a professional, courteous approach to any end-user interactions and be able to communicate issues and resolutions in a clear, non-technical manner

Strong                     Adept at reading, writing, and interpreting technical documentation and procedure

Strong                     Must be able to complete tasks in a complex Agile environment

Preferred Skills/Experience:

Years                     Skills/Experience

7                             Proficient with the Microsoft Office products, including Microsoft Project, Word, Visio, Excel and PowerPoint

3                             Knowledge of the common design practices / standards / technologies associated with application accessibility (e.g. WCAG, , ADA, Section                                    508)