Episode 2 – Advice for New Hub Coordinators and Vendors w/ Sharon Shultz

Episode 2 – Advice for New Hub Coordinators and Vendors w/ Sharon Shultz

With over 20 years of experience working for the TDCJ and 12 years as the HUB Director, Sharon Shultz responsibilities include handling all aspects of implementation and management of the TDCJ HUB program

The TDCJ HUB Program primarily assists HUBs and grow business participation within their state agency

Sharon wants potential HUBs to know that everyone has an opportunity to do business with the state and it’s not as intimidating as it seems. She states, “There really are no barriers besides what a vendor sets for themselves.”

Sharon advises vendors to first identify what type of business they’re in and how it can benefit the TDCJ agency – if the TDCJ is not the best fit for a particular vendor, they will help place you with the agency that best fits your needs

TDCJ HUB Program currently holds webinars, podcasts, offers workshops, etc. to help assist the HUB vendor community

Expands on HUB reference tools such as contacts and purchasing details and encourages vendors to check out TX Comptroller’s website for detailed reports of the TDCJ

Sharon breaks down the relationship between the TX Comptroller, vendors, and the TDCJ

Sharon emphasizes the growing number of HUB coordinators and encourages vendors to register for CMBL as well as other tools to enhance their visibility

Very important for HUB vendors to develop a relationship with purchasers within the agency

Sharon expands on her experience navigating through the HUB community as a woman and the importance of developing a healthy work/life balance

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mpulse-live-podcast

Contact Sharon Shultz: 936-437-7026 or sharon.shultz@tdcj.tx.gov

Hosted by: Tyrone Dixon & Jada Harris

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